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Together we can keep Camas, Camas

Our Town is Amazing! I believe we can grow and still keep our small town feel! You are a part of that process.

I believe we are here to preserve the Hometown way of life. Camas is always in growth mode and it's healthy to grow! The idea is to grow in a way that keeps our small town vibe in the forefront.

We need leaders who listen, leaders who put our residents ideas and thoughts into the process of how we grow. Our long time staff and residents have done a great job by helping maintain the Camas way of life, it must continue. We cannot succumb to outside influences seeking to change who we are.

None of us want to duplicate Portland or Seattle. Mistakes have caused issues in those cities and it will take years to correct.

I stand for sustained growth that promotes the vitality of our city. Keep our green spaces vibrant. Attract great businesses to join our growing economy and maintain a job market that promotes living wages for individuals and families.

Camas Schools have always been tops in our region. We cannot allow outside entities to change our ability to meet the needs of our kids. We must be proactive in the protection of our young minds. With that priority in hand we should always encourage a diverse schooling model. Some students learn better in a home based environment while others thrive in a public school setting. Options are valuable when deciding your childs education. 

Our taxes are some of the most expensive in the region. Leaders need to be aware of the growing unease of businesses and homeowners and recognize the need to be diligent when it comes to our decisions and never collect more than is needed. Our community is generous but we cannot take advantage of generosity.

Dynamic, Diverse, Dedicated.
These are just three values we must see going forward.

Vote for me and I will keep you, the people of Camas the number one priority.

Let's start a conversation!! And... Let's Keep Camas - Camas